Mississippi Hotel Beer — Brading’s Beer



Photo from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Museum Instagram Page

Alan Lewis from Bytown or Bust added this information about the beer bottle from the Mississippi Hotel in Carleton Place.

This beer, Bradings , was brewed in an old brewery near the  downtown of Ottawa. After WWII, most of the beer sold in Ottawa was brewed by Brading’s. I remember seeing many of these bottles when I was young. Brading’s must have been swallowed up by one of the large breweries, maybe Molson’s or Labatt’s. For Chaudiere Falls / Lebreton Flats history see www.bytown.net/chaudiere.htm. … Allan Lewis- Bytown or Bust

The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
10 Dec 1942, Thu  •  Page 14

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  1. Originally named Brewing Corporation of Ontario, E. P. Taylor created the company in 1930 by merging The Brading Breweries Limited, an Ottawa company Taylor had inherited from his grandfather, Capital Brewing of Ottawa, and Kuntz Brewery of Waterloo, Ontario. Soon afterward, Taylor acquired British American Brewing Company, a Windsor, Ontario brewery founded in 1882 and Carling Brewing Co., founded in London, Ontario in 1840. O’Keefe Brewery was added to Taylor’s brewery interests in 1934.


  2. B0W W0W! Yes, Amazing Grace. Linda, do you know any Kennedys in Carleton Place? I have a slew of cousins in that area.


      • My dad Bob Kennedy, born in the 20s, had 20 siblings, (Catholic) and most of them remained in that area of Ontario. There’s a Taylor Kennedy doing a Family Tree website and apparently the Kennedy Klan settled in that area in the 1820s. That’s interesting about Stompin Tom! I always liked his stuff! He kinda “brings me back home”. MY dad and some of his bros look like RFK. DEF resemblance. My mom’s side is related to JW. (Johnny Weissmuller). ur family of 6 ‘pioneered’ out West in 1959. Instead of covered wagons, we were in a 1959 Chevy wagon. 4 boys sleeping in the back. We went thru Jellystone Parl lol. A bear tried to get in our wagon! I remember the claw marks on the no draft window. I was only 6 then.


  3. I was just researching Windsor breweries history, and it led me here. I was born there but my dad’s relatives are from Carleton Place.


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