Maybe We Should Film Oak Island in Carleton Place? The Day the Money Disappeared



It’s been more than 220 years, and treasure hunters on Oak Island (Nova Scotia) still don’t know what they’re looking for. Speculation has ranged from pots of pirate gold, to Shakespeare’s manuscripts or even the treasures of the Knights Templar.

In Carleton Place a lost treasure was finally dug up in 1995 that had been buried for almost 2 years. It took over a week with lots of men and machinery to find this treasure. What was it? Well—I had to read the article three times to believe it. But, it’s not a yarn, and every single word was documented in the Carleton Place Canadian of 1995.

The renovations to the Carleton Place District and Memorial Hospital emergency had been finally completed, but they had to find the money to pay for it. After a long search the buried cache of HeartBeat was finally uncovered by “The Pirates of Carleton Place” beside the hospital. That’s right- BURIED beside the hospital. C’mon, lads, shiver me timbers!

Two years previous our very own Captain Jack Sparrow,  Reverend Hill fought against the provincial health ministry who wanted to use those HeartBeat funds. But, the swashbucklers/the local fundraisers were dead against it. Instead of putting the money in the bank Captain Jack/Reverend Hill buried it right on the spot where the addition was supposed to have been built. Come show me how ye bury yer treasure, lad!



Reverend Hill had promised the citizens of Carleton Place that their money was going to be used to improve the hospital and not anything the Health Ministry wanted. But there was a slight hitch now reclaiming this money– they couldn’t remember where they had buried it. So they brought in a crew and dug until they found it. Brwaack! Polly want a cracker?

What was left after they found it? Merely dozens of holes on the Lake Ave East property as a reminder of what a quadrennium the HeartBeat committee had been in. A very relieved Hospital CAO Bob Dahl said the way the interest rates were the money was probably better off buried. How long had it taken to find that money? A crew had been brought in Saturday morning and aided by former Mayor Melba Barker, Hill and a slew of nervous committee members they uncovered the cache 4 days later on a Wednesday morning. Thank goodness all hope was not abandoned!


You can always trust the untrustworthy because you can always trust that they will be untrustworthy. Its the trustworthy you can’t trust. – Captain Jack Sparrow

Photos from the Carleton Place Canadian files from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum








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