Kings Warks and Cemeteries–Interesting Discoveries of Lanark County


George Allan Chenier Sr. emailed me last week and had an interesting question.

“Just a bit north of where we live back here in the Lanark Highlands, there is a lot of community forest and this is where I found an interesting grave sight. it appears as if maybe the township may have taken care of this over the years. It has a dilapidated rail fence surrounding it and a white metal gate. There is one head stone. I am curious to know. Thank you. George Chenier

So I tried, I really did. But, why I did not click on that first photo I found I have no idea. I am literally slipping this week. So, I took it to the Lanark Genealogical Society Facebook page and Norma Ford got right on it. But, it was Claudia Tait that provided the website. Yes, it was the same website I had passed over. LOL

This is one of Lanark counties best kept secrets and I would like to thank George for bringing this forward. This is definitely a future field trip.

King Cemetery 

Lot 8, Con. 7 – Darling Twp.

  Burials – 1841 to 1925

In Memory Of

James King, (born 1816), died Jan. 22, 1895, aged 79 years. 

Also his Children:

John, died Apr. 24, 1850

William, died Apr. 8, 1862

Alexander, died Sept. 21, 1866

Peter, died Sept. 26, 1866

Margaret, died Feb. 26, 1871

This is a Headstone made of Oak Board, nailed to the rail fence.  The writing on the board is very hard to read, but I believe it relates to 2 boys, children of Wm. King and A. Boyle, 1866-1872.

This is a small wooden cross made out of two cedar poles wired together.

This is field stone with a point facing up.

This is a smaller field stone, white in color, also facing up.

It is believed that there are approximately 19 to 30 people buried in this cemetery.  Some of them may be as follows;

“Granny” Wark, as she lived with her daughter, Mrs. Margaret (Wark) King.

Thomas Duncan King, father of Jack King died Nov. 1925.

James King Sr., born 1786/7, his wife Grace, sons John & James and daughter Eliza.

James King Jr., his wife Margaret ((Wark) died 20 June 1906 aged 80 years) and some of their children (listed above on the headstone)

John Albert King, died 21 Jan 1900, aged 5 years.

William Hanson, died 27 Feb. 1896, aged 84 years.

Ann Barrie (wife of Wm. Hanson) died 24 April 1906, aged 84 years.

These last two are parents of Mrs. Thomas King.

Keith Thompson, Clayton, Ontario – 25 April, 2001


James King family cemetery

1c1 James King #1                               a1786/87           b Tatlock
  s Grace Duncan                                                                                               source Ollie Orr
   2 c1 James King #2                             a1816-1895      b & d Tatlock
     s Margaret Wark                              a1826-             b Scotland                      married 1842; Tatlock
                      FAMILY LINK (6 c3) Wark Family
         3 c1 Mary King                                    1846-1906      b Tatlock; d Hall’s Mills
            s Archibold Boyle
          3 c2 Warden King                               1852-1928      b Tatlock; d Clayton
             s Margaret Thompson                      1858-1913      b Galbraith              married a1882
                FAMILY LINK     (3 c9) Thompson Family
                4 c1 James King                                                                                   Idaho in 1928
                 4 c2 Bertha Grace King                   1885-
                   s  John C. Caldwell                                                              Tatlock in 1928
                 Bertha & John’s Family (c1-c2) at FAMILY LINK (5 c2) Caldwell Family
                4 c3  Clara King                                 1888-1957      b Darling;
                                                                                  d at the home of Mrs. John Brydges (K.T.4;4)
                  s Arthur W. Nolan                          1844-1951            b  Lanark     d Clayton             (K.T. 3)
             Clara & Andrew’s family (c1) at FAMILY LINK (2 c6) Nolan Family  
images (60)
John Morrow is looking for your help!
 James King’s wife, Margaret Wark, was my 3rd great-grand aunt on my father’s side and 1st cousin 4x removed on both sides. If anybody in the Darling area is looking for other burial sites, I have been trying for years to locate her nephew Nathaniel Pretty Wark, 8 Apr 1875-22 April 1884, youngest son of Margaret’s brother James and his wife, their 1st cousin, Agnes (or Agneen) Pretty. I know James and Agnes are buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Middleville but can’t find any record of where Nathaniel is buried.
I am also looking for information about my 2nd great-grandmother, Frances or Fanny Stretch, first wife of Andrew James Napier. I suspect, but can’t prove, she died giving birth to their youngest son, Richard, in 1868. Richard appears on the 1870 and 1880 US censuses with his grandparents John and Mary (Cook) Stretch in Minnesota, but Fanny seems to have disappeared; Andrew James Napier is buried at Hopetown with his second wife, Sarah Pretty-Camelon, a sister of Agnes Pretty-Wark

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  1. Thank you so much for this information and the pictures. I find this very interesting. Karen was right, you were the person to go to. thanks again george


      • Linda: with all due respect to you and George Chenier, this Isn’t one of Lanark’s “best kept” secrets. I could name 100 people who are well aware of this cemetery and have visited it – descendants of the Kings, descendants of their old neighbours, friends and acquaintances, scattered all over Canada. They know where their ancestors lie. It’s a bit condescending (unintentionally, of course) to underestimate the knowledge of local people. And there are still 2 descendants of the Kings living within 3ks of this site. And the King graveyard is only one of several lying in that area, hidden in the encroaching forest….It’s hardly a “discovery”. By the way, that graveyard was thoroughly photographed and recorded back in 1966 by the field people of the Kingston Historical Society, before the Lanark Society existed or had the membership to cover Lanark gravesites. Really, It’s the old story: “There is nothing new under the sun”…at least in this case. The Kings won’t be forgotten. Leave the cemetery to time and let the forest do its work. 🤔


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