The Loyal Village Guards of Carleton Place


“The names of George Willis, Senior and Junior, appear with sixty others on the roll of the Carleton Place Loyal Village Guards which mustered in 1837 and 1838 at the time of the Upper Canada Rebellion and “Patriot War,” and again with that of Catin Willis in the St. James Church monster petition of November 1846 for maintaining tenure of the Church’s clergy reserve land in Ramsay against claims of Hugh Bolton and others”.- Howard Morton Brown


Carleton Place Herald, Tues March 27, 1894
The Soldier Boys of More than Half a Century Ago

A few days ago, as Dr. Bell was walking through his father¹s outbuildings, his attention was attracted to some loose sheets of paper on the floor, which he picked up, and which, on examination, turned out to be leaves torn from an old register of his father’s ­- the roll call of the Loyal Village Guards, and the columns bear the dates of December 27th, 1837, and January 3,10, 17, 24, 1838.  What changes have come about during the 56 years that have elapsed since that roll was called!  And, although this gallant company was not obliged to face the smoke of battle, but a fraction of the sixty-one of that historic period are able to answer the roll-call upon earth to-day.  The older residents will probably remember most of the names in the list. Through the courtesy of Dr. Bell we have secured a copy. List is at the very bottom of the story.



No. 5 Company (Carleton Place) 41st Brockville Battalion of Rifles:
From left to right: James Storey, William Dack, Donald Stewart, William Duff, Patrick Tucker.


The Carleton Place Rifle Company numbering more than 50 men were formed in 1862 to protect Canada during the Fenian Raids. They replaced the ill-equipped and untrained Village Guard and were composed entirely of volunteer soldiers. It was officially designated the Carleton Place Volunteer Militia Rifle company and later they went on to Brockville to fight the Fenians. Captain James Poole and Lieutenant Brown commanded.


R. Bell, Carleton Place*
S. Roche ,
J. Rosamond, Almonte*
J. McLaughlin, (carpenter)
Ed. Morphy, jr., Wellington Co*
W. B. Ramsay
Thos. Morphy
P. Cram, jr.
H. Willis
J. Bond, Almonte*
Wm. Burgess
E. Rosamond
Jas. Morphy, sr.
H. Fitzpatrick , Duncanville*
Dun. McKenzie
J. Weathers,
Andrew Fitzpatrick
J. Lake , jr.
David Morphy
H. Boulton
S. Acheson
Ewen McEwen
Wm. Fitzpatrick
Peter Comrie, Lanark Township*
Wm. Dougherty, jr.
D. McLean, jr.
Alex. McLaren
N. Lavallee
John Morphy
John McEwen
L. Schofield
Jas. Duncan
Nich. O’Neil
D. Pattie
Jos. Dougherty, Carleton Place*
J. Graham
Adam Beck
Dan Cram, Carleton Place*
M. Nolan
J. Kerr
J. McRostie
Allan McDonald
Mich. Dunn
E. Tweedy
D. Stewart
Robt. McLaren
John Sumner
Jas. Bell, Perth*
Colin McLaren
Jos. Dougherty, sr.
Jas. Coleman, jr.
Wm. Coleman
Robt. Johnson
Geo. Willis, jr.
Geo. Willis, sr.
John Rorison
John McLean
Alex. McLean
Jacob McFadden
Nich. Tomlinson
Wm. Henry, Braeside*

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