Scoon Scott’s Legacy– Good to See You!

Scoon Scott’s Legacy– Good to See You!


This  is one of my favourite people Ray Elgersma, and he is all about local produce in our area.  Not only is he at our local Farmer’s Market, he helps out with the Neighbour Hood Tomato Community Gardens at St. Gregory’s Next Door. I used to take pictures of local people saying Hi. I had to stop because a lot of people were not crazy about doing it. But, Ray has always been happy to wave and say hello.

I never really knew Dale E. “Scoon” Scott, but my friend Maureen Young and a lot of other people did. I bet some of you didn’t know he was Carleton Place Citizen Of The Year in 2003.




Scoon died peacefully in hospital, after a courageous battle with cancer, on Saturday June 7, 2008, at the age of 42.  The man with the tune will always be fondly remembered for his countless hours of community involvement, and his “Tunes by Scoon” D.J. service. But most of all he will be forever remembered by his many friends that loved him. In fact I am sure he would have been thrilled to know that immediately following his funeral service local musicians raised the roof in his honour.


Dale “SCOON” Scott Memorial Bench

Go Fund Me Page–

I read a lot about him yesterday and it was kind of hard. You see, even though I didn’t know him that well, I found his passion hitting my heart. Dale loved not only people, but hockey, and his love for his beloved Detroit Red Wings was evident right to the end.

According to the Titan’s page  Dale was always the first one at the rink or the ball field. He was also always the last one to leave as he was busy talking about the game to who ever would listen. Even after he gave up playing, that didn’t stop him from being involved. 

Dale had a vision. He wanted the Titans to host a ‘AAA’ tournament in Carleton Place. He saw the benefit to the town, the merchants and the townspeople and he like the Titans. He approached the Titans in 2003 with his idea but at the time the Executive was swamped with other matters and could not consider taking on a new venture. Dale was persistent and the following spring a committee was formed to look into the proposal. Dale worked unbelievably hard to promote the event and involved Town Council, merchants and citizens. His dream came true in October 2004 when the 1st. Annual Ottawa Valley Titans ‘AAA’ Fall Classic was held in Carleton Place.


Debby Lyttle and Jennfire Fenwick Irwin

  This initial event hosted both Major Bantam and Minor Midget teams from all over Ontario. Since then it has evolved into a Minor Midget ‘AAA’ Fall Classic and provided the players an opportunity to show their stuff to scouts from this area. Each year Dale was eager to get the committee working on the next event. For his tireless commitment to making the tournament a success Dale was presented with Titan jacket at the year end banquet in 2006.  He continued to participate as his health would permit. This year at the year end Banquet he was presented with a Titan jersey with ‘Scoon’ on the back. He was a friend to the Titans and he will be missed”.

So today, take 5 minutes  and stop someone anywhere-that’s right, anywhere. Just to ask them how their day is going. Give it a try, it’s not going to hurt you. It always seems to put me in a good mood when someone greets me, and I figure it can’t hurt to pass that good will along. Do it in memory of Scoon Scott.

David put his hand in the bag and pulled out a stone and slung it, and it hit the Philistine in the head, and he fell to the ground”

I Samuel 17:49

(Scoon’s favorite verse from the movie Hoosiers)



Dale “Scoon” Scott was a champion for our town of Carleton Place.  His passion for volunteering was amazing and there were a lot of projects that wouldn’t have gotten off the ground if it weren’t for Dale.

In June of 2018  “Scoon” will have been gone from us 10 years. As some of you may know, we have put into action the idea of putting a bench on main street of Carleton Place in memory of Scoon and the work he did for CP. 






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  1. Hello Linda,
    I am writing to you to thank you for the nice tribute to Dale. Dale was my brother, the youngest of five. We remember him daily and hope the others do as well. The town and it’s people were his extended family. He was always running somewhere to see someone or arriving home late cause he got talking. He was always thinking about how he could improve and bring creditabilty to them. I am saddened that you didnt know him. He could b a warm hug, and a bee sting to you all in one day, but, that determination and smile eased that sting pretty quick. He did a lot of things for a lot of people and it was spreading everywhere, that was evident at his wakes with the long line-ups and the late startup at his funeral. The posts to the website came from all over…if you met him once you remember him for a lifetime. That may sound boastful but he was that dynamic. You missed a good one Linda that’s for sure.
    Thanks again,
    Pauline and his family.


    • Thank you for this kind reply.. Maureen Young is a friend of mine and she has told me a lot about him and what a wonderful person he was. I juts felt a major mention should be made for such a great man. HUGGG


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