What If Your Child Was Taken Away From You?

Jeffrey’s Journey Home Facebook Page

A Carleton Place Mom’s plea—Help me bring my son home


hashtag #JeffreysJourneyHome


Months ago Lisa Barrie’s first child got meningitis. To lose a child is always everyone’s greatest fear, but knowing a particular medical situation exists, and not being able to solve it, is living with the unknown every single day. Dealing with daily problems is now harder than it was before for Lisa.

It’s very easy to be able to say “I know how you feel”but any parent who has not had child in this condition has no idea what Lisa and her family is going through. Nights and days have become long since Jeffrey contacted meningitis months ago. Every single day she see sadness in his eyes, but meanwhile, she has to remain brave for her other two children.

Right now she is desperate and doesn’t know what else to do. If you had told her 6 months ago that this was going to happen to her and her family she would have said you were all crazy,

Yesterday Lisa found out Jeffrey is medically cleared, ready to be discharged from CHEO and come home. But, Jeffrey cannot come home due to medical equipment requirements. Lisa cannot afford these things and is now desperate!  CAS is threatening to take her baby boy away from her because he can’t stay in the hospital, and cannot come home, until Lisa has the proper medical equipment and a paravan.

Every moment she feels the sadness and emptiness that we can’t describe in words-and now fear and desperation has been added. Lisa’s life has changed forever, and every day now starts with tears, and ends with tears. Instead of having that Tim Horton snack today, please donate that money to Lisa. If every single person chose to do that for just one day, Jeffrey would be able to come home.

She needs all our help. Life goes on each day– please help Lisa get hers back. Bring Jeffrey home!

Jeffrey’s Journey Home Facebook Page


hashtag #JeffreysJourneyHome

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  1. If this isn’t something with which our MPPs office can assist, in terms of connection with provincial funding options, we have a problem with our local representation. Has the CCAC been engaged? The Civitan or Lions clubs?


  2. Hi Linda-This story really troubles me, can a trust fund be set up at a bank. Why is social services not helping this family? Have the family been in touch with MPP Randy Hillier. I heard that some of the restaurants may try and help, just wonder if anything happened with that. I don’t know your involvement with this family, but thank you for raising awareness.


    • Marsha… I am basically the ‘word person’ writing these stories to get it out there.. Everyone and everything is being sought after and approached. Legion etc. town.. we are doing our best but the going is slow as there is so much need out there and demand is great.


  3. To quote someone on the organization committee.. The problem is that people tend to think that you just phone up one of these foundations and they run on over with a cheque, wheelchair or whatever, but that’s so not the case!! Most of them take weeks to get anything from and some require upfront purchases that they will eventually reimburse or give you back part of. We don’t have that kind of time.


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