I will never ever win any recipe contests. Over the years I have submitted my pretty odd recipes everywhere and not even been acknowledged. Can you blame them? But, I am hoping one day in 40 years someone will look at my recipes and go hmmmmm- this could work!

There is nothing like taking a long drive on roads that swerve through farmland and majestic fall trees. Yes, absolutely nothing unless you add two impatient kids into the mix.

“Are we there yet Mum?”

“Mum, I’m hungry!”

Ahh yes, these wee shrill soundtracks of our lives. They will forever be embedded in our minds every time there is a long pending holiday car journey.

Thanksgiving in Canada has always been the first Monday in October. No, Canadians were not trying to get the jump on the folks south of the border; it was just that a very long time ago before the environment fell apart our harvests were earlier because the weather was colder. No Macy’s  Thanksgiving Day parade, no fancy programming,  just really good food and family.

Most of the time to get to that really good food at my late sister’s home we had to journey about 90 minutes to Belleville, Ontario. Kids being kids, thought that we should go from “point a” to “point b” in five minutes flat. Of course things do not work like that unless you are The Jetsons, so whining was part of the ride down.

Every year we used to pass Campbell’s apple orchard that sold boxes of delicious Macintosh apples. They had huge round bales of hay that had welcoming faces and I swore they also beckoned small children.  Of course the kids wanted to stop and every year a box of apples was loaded into the car.

One year I decided to try something different and fashioned Rice Krispie Treats into faux apples for the ride. They had red licorice for stems and a couple of  Mike & Ike for leaves. The fun part is that inside that delicious faux apple is a gummy worm and one bite will either leave you nauseous or thrilled to bits.

I made them out of Whole Foods Organic Brown Rice Crisps. I could not find Rice Krispies in my regular health food grocery store for today’s recipe. I cringed at first but they turned out quite delicious. Has anyone heard if Rice Krispie mascots Snap, Crackle and Pop have been admitted anywhere?

The picture above when the ‘apple’ is cut open there is a delcious gummy worm inside. This is fun for kids and Mum and Dad to make together.


Basic Rice Krispie Squares Recipe

  • One box of Rice Krispies or puffed rice cereal
  • one pack of marshmallows
  • 3 tablespoons of butter
  • a buttered cake pan
  • **You will also need a package of Gummy Worms.. Any kind will do.
  • Mike & Ikes and red licorce.

Directions: Melt the butter on the stove-top, and add the marshmallows. Mix together until marshmallows are melted. Add the Rice Krispies and stir quickly to combine.

Do all your work on wax paper.Take an ice cream scooper when the mixture has cooled a bit, (maybe 5 minutes) and then put one giant scoop down for your base. Place one gummy worm of your choice on top of the mound. Then place another huge scoop of Krispie mixture on top. Fashion it into a ball and add the licorce stem and  then place two green Mike & Ikes for leaves. Let cool and enjoy. I enjoyed mine today and loved biting into the centre with the gummy worm.

About lindaseccaspina

Before she laid her fingers to a keyboard, Linda was a fashion designer, and then owned the eclectic store Flash Cadilac and Savannah Devilles in Ottawa on Rideau Street from 1976-1996. She also did clothing for various media and worked on “You Can’t do that on Television”. After writing for years about things that she cared about or pissed her off on American media she finally found her calling. She is a weekly columnist for the Sherbrooke Record and documents history every single day and has over 6500 blogs about Lanark County and Ottawa and an enormous weekly readership. Linda has published six books and is in her 4th year as a town councillor for Carleton Place. She believes in community and promoting business owners because she believes she can, so she does.

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