Straight Outta Carleton Place High School — Wava McDaniel Baker


StraightOuttaSomewhere (2)

1963 Carleton Place High School Annual– Wava McDaniel Baker who ran the Carleton Place High School Cafeteria


This is Wave’s Inn, located on Franktown Road and was run by Wava McDaniel Baker in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The building is still there, but is now a private home. According to many a newspaper article I have read today– Wave’s Inn was the place to have your wedding reception back in the day.



Who remembers Wave’s Inn? Wava Baker took time to pose with Santa as she prepared to host a 100 Club Christmas Party there in 1955.


24058942_1639731636083724_5820242664711274661_n.jpgHere’s a shot of Wava, taken in the CPHS cafeteria in 1962. Can anyone identify her helper?

Very Short Memories of My High School School Cafeteria

Was it Monday or Tuesday that the Cowansville High School cafeteria delicacy Beef Stew was served, or was it Macaroni Soup? Every week without fail; the mimeographed menu was circulated like a wanted poster from the Wild West on the walls. No matter what treat was served up for the day; we lined up along the basement wall of the new wing each day hoping it might be hot dogs.

For a whopping 50 cents; we were entitled to have about 15 minutes to eat our interesting meal that came with either white or chocolate milk from the Cowansville Dairy.

The worst part of the whole ordeal was to have the teacher of the day scrutinize what we were shoveling into the trash. Too much off the plate, got you a scowl that you remembered for the rest of the week. Sometimes that scowl turned into words you just didn’t need to hear to brighten up your day.

Sadly, I can’t seem to remember any food fights, and that’s kind of sad, because those grayish hot dogs would have made excellent projectiles. In High School I never went out for coffee like some; as I found it kept me awake for the afternoon. As William Shakespeare kind of wrote in King Henry the V:

They gave us great meals consisting of beef, iron and steel so we would eat like wolves and fight like the devil. Did we?

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Clipped from The Ottawa Journal, 03 May 1955, Tue, Page 20StraightOuttaSomewherecphs

Photo Courtesy of Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

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  1. I think that Wave’s helper was Fred Keuhn, who came to town in about 1960. I was in classes with both Fred and his older brother Rainer.


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