Too Hot for Teacher? What Happened to Yours?



Look up– way up– there is me in Grade 3 baby. I am on the third row row number 4- big smile–blonde Bette Paige haircut– soon to have massive dental work done in the 1990s . On the top right hand corner lies our beloved Miss Righton from Cowansville High School. Everyone loved her, especially the boys.  There were only two teachers that my fellow male classmates considered ‘’too hot for teacher” when I went to school and their names were Miss Spicer and my Grade 3 teacher Miss Righton. There, in a sea of matronly old babes, were two teaching women that wore stiletto shoes and petticoats that peeked out of their 50’s circle skirts. Now that I look at Miss Righton’s picture today– I see a very handsome woman, but not the babe I once thought she was.

Remember Van Halen’s video “Too Hot for Teacher” in 1984?  I wondered if anyone ever had a teacher like the video model Lillian Muller in their lifetime.


As I looked in the mirror today I wondered if Miss Righton still looked the same way. Even though I still think I see the same young person in the mirror at almost 65, I know that I am gazing at a mirage. By the looks of 60 year-old Muller she has had some Botox, a wee bit of plastic surgery (she denies it) and some media photos of herself appear photoshopped.
I saw this spectacular photo of Muller on her site and when I Googled her I was relieved to also find a few unflattering pictures of her. One has to imagine that there has to be a little something sagging under those clothes, and where the heck was her bellybutton on her website photo. Twenty-five years later Muller has made a career as an inspirational speaker and author. Unlike Miss Righton and myself, she has been a raw food vegetarian since she was 27 and has never had a drink in her life. When Muller auditioned for the Van Halen video she thought she would not get the part because she was 30 at the time. Now at 60, she is now posing for AARP instead of Playboy, but really she has not changed much.
Miss Righton and I had parts in the Cowansville Elementary School Grade 3 “stick, triangle and tambourine” band while Muller went on to star as Rod Stewart’s affection in “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” video in 1978. Muller also posed in matching white bikinis for a photo shoot with her 21 year-old daughter before she went to college. I can feel quite positive in saying that there is no way that Miss Righton and I are following suit.
Muller is still acting and became the author of “Feel Great, Be Beautiful Over 40” in 1995. She was never married, even though she dated “Magnum P.I.” star Tom Selleck and Hugh Hefner. If I do remember correctly Miss Righton married a country lad, and let’s not get started about my private affairs. Muller has no doubts that she would step up for another Van Halen video now that the band is back together.
“I’m a more valuable package now than in my 30s. I still have my physical condition, and I’ve become a much wiser person,” said Muller.
As I pop my second Tylenol Arthritis pain caplet into my mouth I salute her and former teacher Miss Righton. Do we women really want to look like Muller and have to maintain an illusion on a daily basis? Personally, I’d rather be me; and besides George Clooney said he was comfortable looking older because it’s better than the other option, which is being dead. So I‘ll take getting older and I bet Miss Righton would too. 

This photo was taken in June of 1951. A teacher’s tea was held at Waves Inn on Franktown Road in honour of Mrs. Malloy who was retiring and Miss Cameron who was geting married.

Front Row (l-r): Margaret Galvin, Margaret Sturgeon, Iris Cameron, J.D. McAdam (Principal), Mary Malloy, Annie Anderson, Olive Robertson

Back Row (l-r): Dorothy Craig, Frances Churchill, Sadie Chamney, Janet Menzies, Hilda Cram, Alton Cassidy, Hector Dallamore (Music), Marray Kirkpatrick, Mary Cummings, Vivian Leach, Winnie McRostie, Verna Burnie, Stella McDiarmid, Leita Andison

Photos of Ms. Muller by Google

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  1. Winnie McRostie privately tutored me in Mathematics in the early 1970,s and Janet Menzies and Hilda Cram along with Win were friends of my Grandmother Winnifred Armour (also an old form teacher). My Grandmother taught in the one room red roof schoolhouse (junction Hwy 15&7) before that, in Richmond. Howard McNeely was one of her former students.

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