Dan Miller of the Queen’s Hotel vs the Town of Carleton Place



On August 31,1949, a determined Dan Miller, owner of the Queen’s Hotel, was preparing to shut his doors for good. In the meantime he drafted another big sign for all the town to see.

” Carleton Place does not want a first-class hotel and this one will not be open until it is exempt from taxes”

The rental boards charged Mr. Miller levied rates for some of his hotel rooms in excess of the maximum allowed by the Prices Board. He also failed to have his rents fixed on certain other rooms. The hotel owner protested an assessment notice of $2000 from the town that would require him to pay $130 annually in local taxes. Mr. Miller said he considered the hotel should be exempt from this tax and claimed it had not been levied before.

The 67-year-old began his one man holdout as he was determined to carry out his threat to keep the hotel closed until the town’s authorities knuckled under. William Pattie, town clerk treasurer and assessor told the media that insofar as he was concerned; the situation was unchanged. He added that a $130 business tax assessment on Miller’s hotel was quite fair in keeping with the town’s policy. Pattie added that Miller was not entitled to any benefits, and has chosen to make a ridiculous issue out of something that is purely routine business. In the meantime, Miller was seated on the steps in front of the Queen’s Hotel with his small dog at his side. He spent many a morning exchanging greetings with fellow townsmen. The people of Carleton Place hellbent on having lunch there were unable to gain admittance. Dan Miller will always be remembered as a man of conviction.


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The Queen’s Hotel first came into the Miller family in 1917 when it was purchased by the late Dan Miller. Miller sold the hotel several times, but for one reason or another it always reverted back to him. In 1955 the old building was taken over by his son, Bill Miller. The younger Miller decided to renovate the place with two distinctive public rooms: one for ladies and escorts, and one for men. New draperies, flooring, and fixtures were added in all the latest design and function. The Miller family was part of Carleton Place history and their love for the Queen’s Hotel will never be forgotten.

Joann Voyce also added that Dan Miller owned The Falcon on Highway 7 I have written about.

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Anyone know Buster Miller? Clipped from The Ottawa Journal, 01 Sep 1945, Sat, Page 15 Joann Voyce said — Buster was Dan Miller’s son Donald . He was Chris Weir’s father


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      • Hi Linda, That nice to see that someone is still interested in the Queens Hotel. Dan Miller is is my Great Grandfather..

        Tina Miller


      • Tina… I think I have written at least 15 stories now on the Queens. The Museum got in the original registrar for the Queens for the late 1880’s Just call them and they will show it to you. Tonight yet another story about that guest book. My son owns the Mississippi.. If I had money Id buy the old Queens 10 times over.. Have you ever heard about a tunnel that was underneath the Queens? Prohibition times? Im searching..:)


  1. I have asked my Mother about it and she said that my Father and Uncle would play in the basement but nothing that she can recall about the tunnels. She does remember that the building had a lot of bottles in the basement… I will see what I have in my personal effects if I have anything about the Queens.. I cannot remember if I have anything or not…


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