Holiday Greeting from Someone Who Writes too Much


If you know me you get way too many Facebook notifications and emails. I write too much and really can’t really stop. I guess I’m on a mission to get the word out there. The word is– live for each second, and don’t miss a thing, because if you blink, just once– it could all go away in a minute’s notice.

Be thankful for one more day that is added to your life. Enjoy the morning light, and the moonlight, life isn’t meaningless. Even though my opinions may be opposite to yours, I try to understand. Though our ways may differ, they come from the same place, our hearts. Sometimes in life you might have to start over. Keep fighting- as it’s all about surviving. We just can’t worry life away now–time is fleeting. No matter what you celebrate–enjoy the day, and hug your family. Each minute is worth it!

Photo of the Knight Family 1956 Cowansville, Quebec.

Arthur and Bunny Knight (parents)

Fred and Mary Knight (grandparents)

Linda Knight (me)

Baby Robin Knight

All have succumbed to cancer, except me. So I write to keep memories alive. At this point in my life it seems to be everyones:)

To quote  Max Keeping on Angelo’s Obituary: “Cancer is Such a Bully”!  May we send our love in droves to Max as well as our families.

About lindaseccaspina

Before she laid her fingers to a keyboard, Linda was a fashion designer, and then owned the eclectic store Flash Cadilac and Savannah Devilles in Ottawa on Rideau Street from 1976-1996. She also did clothing for various media and worked on “You Can’t do that on Television”. After writing for years about things that she cared about or pissed her off on American media she finally found her calling. She is a weekly columnist for the Sherbrooke Record and documents history every single day and has over 6500 blogs about Lanark County and Ottawa and an enormous weekly readership. Linda has published six books and is in her 4th year as a town councillor for Carleton Place. She believes in community and promoting business owners because she believes she can, so she does.

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  1. Linda, we all go along each day taking our good luck for granted until something happens to us or to someone we care about. But it’s the days and time that are important – not the event. We just have to be continually aware to value what we have…now.


  2. I disagree about Cancer being a bully. Bullies know what they are doing. Bullies get satisfaction from their evil deeds. Cancer is a random disease. It’s a bad one. All we can do is enjoy the good health we have when we have it, and try to help each other when necessary.


    • Lois each one of my family has died before the age of 55. Mother 34 sister 40 uncle 19 and the list goes on.. I am the only one left.. Sometimes I think cancer gets satisfaction from killing off my family:(


  3. You could never write too much. I love to read your wonderful words, they are filled with magic from a beautiful soul and a radiant mirror of love.


  4. ‘The Tilted Kilt’…I must read it. I’m missing your writing and look forward to some entertaining text…no matter how serious the subject matter! Or not. Love you.


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