More UFO Sightings in Carleton Place!


I did a post last week about aliens allegedly abducting a local Almonte woman. If you have seen anything, PM me on Facebook. This week Amanda Armstrong contacted me with her sightings.

Here is her account:

Hey Linda!

As promised, here’s my recount of the UFO sightings.

The first took place March 15, 2014. My husband Brandon & I were sitting in my hospital room at the Civic, I had undergone emergency spinal surgery just a couple weeks prior. My window faced out towards the city, though nothing exciting could ever be seen. I was going through my usual round of medication through my picc line, when I glanced out the window and noticed a bright ball of light. After mentioning it to Brandon, we both thought at first that perhaps it was a plane. The first thought that usually goes through everyone’s minds when they can’t explain what it is they’re seeing. This was around mid afternoon, so the fact we were seeing something that bright, was quite odd.

At first it stayed in one place, hovering over the city. We didn’t dare to take our eyes off of it, we watched in complete awe & almost disbelief. I’m a loyal listener to the paranormal radio show Coast to Coast AM, so the fact I was seeing what no doubt appeared to be a UFO, was amazing! After 10 minutes or so, of this bright light just hovering over the city, it started to move towards the hospital. Admittedly, this is when I started to get a bit freaked out. As it came closer, the light grew brighter. Then before we knew it, it was gone. Completely vanished. I turned to Brandon and said “Well, we just witnessed a UFO”. I then made an off hand joke, that if they had taken us, they better have fixed my spinal cord. Cause it’s believed, that even when you see a UFO, but experience no time loss, they still have taken you. Very creepy thought.

The second sighting took place here in Carleton Place. I wish that I could remember the exact day/month, but for the life of me, I can’t. I do know that it happened this past Fall, around 4pm.


My Mom & I were coming out of the Walmart parking lot. As we pulled up to the lights, I looked straight out into the distance, as I often do. Right away I spotted a bright light not far in the distance. I watched closely to rule out the usual aircrafts, and quickly I realized it was hovering in that one area. As the light changed, and we turned left onto McNeely, I continued to watch it. It grew brighter & brighter, still without moving. Then just before we hit the bridge, it was gone, as if it had never been there.

This type of sighting has been very frequent all across Canada, and the US. As reported weekly on Coast to Coast by Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center. (
The most interesting thing about this sighting, was the location of it. What is out that way, East of town towards Ottawa? Farms and a Military base, two very frequent hot spots for UFO sightings.
With that said, many times coming home late at night from Ottawa, looking out in the distance towards town (in the Dwyer Hill area, and beyond), very bright lights can be seen hovering in the sky. Could these be Military “exercises” or UFOs? It’s hard to say. But one thing is certain, UFOs have been here.
Amanda Armstrong

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