My Love for the Easy Bake Oven — As Good As New!


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Today I saw an Easy Bake Oven for sale at As Good as New Thrift Shop and memories began to flood my mind. When I got home I started reading some great nostalgic stories about them so I thought I would post one here.

My Love for the Easy Bake Oven by Josie


I love to cook, although I’ll never be confused with Wolfgang Puck. I’m lucky if I’m even mentioned in the same breath as Chef Boyardee. When I was little, however, things were very different. I was the master of the light-bulb lemon cookie, the queen of the wattage waffle, the princess of Edison edibles.
I was an Easy Bake wunderkind.

I can’t remember my exact age, maybe six or seven, but I remember the day like it was yesterday. My birthday was once again upon us. Why oh why did it take so long to get here? Oh well, I’d have to save that question for tomorrow, when the countdown started again. For now it was here, and I had only one request – an Easy Bake Oven!

My cousin Lisa had received one a few months prior on her birthday, and we had so much fun when I had visited her that summer. I swear Dad had gained about ten pounds from all the cakes and cookies we were shoving his way. Come to think of it, Dad looked exactly the same as when we had arrived. The dog seemed a bit lethargic and a little rounder in the middle when we drove away though. I wonder if there is a connection?

Anyways, I could see the box on the table, and I knew it was the right size to be my little light powered kitchen accessory. But I had to wait until that evening – after dinner – to open my presents. Guests? Who cares about GUESTS!?! I want my OVEN!

I had a plan.

Mom went outside for some reason. I was convinced she’d be gone for hours. Plenty of time to initiate my plan!

I figured I’d just peek a little, tear back the tape and read the box. I of course wanted to make sure I allowed myself enough time to practice my fake surprise…or worse…suppress my true emotions were it *gasp* NOT an Easy Bake Oven.

My little hands shook with anticipation as I gripped the end of the tape. Easy..easy…easy bake here I come…SLAM!!!

The kitchen door flew open, my hand jerked from the shock, and RIIIIIIP. The entire side of the present tore open in one thunderous roar.

“What are you DOING?” yelled Mom, back in record time from her expedition.

I considered pretending I didn’t actually see the oven, or try and pretend that it was all a terrible accident, but who really cared. I saw the Easy Bake Oven label, as big and bright as I had dreamed!

The damage was done. What was Mom to do?

That night the guests arrived. Grandma, Grandpa, and my friend down the street.

For dessert everyone had a slice of Easy Bake Cake.

There are so many interesting things that arrived at the store. Great fashion, housewares, decorations and everything you can imagine. Come visit soon! BIG SALE COMING!!

Spring is here and the bag sale is coming!! As Good As New Bag Sale ALL WEEK starting Saturday March 14 to Saturday, March 21st! Come early to get the best stuff! 33 Bridge Street in Carleton Place!

'Spring is here and the bagsale is coming!! As Good As New Bag Sale ALL WEEK starting Saturday March 14 to Saturday, March 21st! Come early to get the best stuff! 33 Bridge Street in Carleton Place!'

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Before she laid her fingers to a keyboard, Linda was a fashion designer, and then owned the eclectic store Flash Cadilac and Savannah Devilles in Ottawa on Rideau Street from 1976-1996. She also did clothing for various media and worked on “You Can’t do that on Television”. After writing for years about things that she cared about or pissed her off on American media she finally found her calling. She is a weekly columnist for the Sherbrooke Record and documents history every single day and has over 6500 blogs about Lanark County and Ottawa and an enormous weekly readership. Linda has published six books and is in her 4th year as a town councillor for Carleton Place. She believes in community and promoting business owners because she believes she can, so she does.

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